The Voice – I AM SHE

By | January 17, 2019

The Voice – I AM SHE

What is happiness?… everyone has his/her own version of what happiness is. Someone’s happiness may not make sense to another but doesnt make it less important to the person.

Study has shown that most of our adulthood life  decisions,taste,lifestyle etc.. is based on our childhood, therefore what happens in our childhood is very important and it is something parent need to pay attention to.

Most kids while growing where shield from reality so when their left alone in the real world they end up making wrong decisions which sometimes cost their lives.

Not everyone has been a parent before but  we have all  been a child. I am not trying to tell parents how to be a parents but i want them to be lucid with their children. Parents should be able to talk about sex,love,relationships,dangers of abortion etc.. with their kids instead of turning them away leaving them to rely on the internet and friends to get the answers they want.

Majority of teenagers had their first sex out of curiosity because they heard their friend talking about it or saw it on the internet, so instead of seeking help from their parents out of they don’t and they end up satisfy their curiosity by having sex without considering all the dangers.And most girls have abortion risking their lives and their uterus out of fear for their parents.

Most teenagers go through a lot of pain whether a heartbreak,assault,rape… and they cant talk their parent because they are scared to talk about it and this result to depression in the teenager.

Studies  have shown that depression is a high factor of suicide.

When a child is been heard, you are not just taking away the child’s pain but you may also be saving his/her life.Parents should listen to their children’s pain and story and educate them about the most sensitive and vitals things instead of shuning them away to the world unprepared.

We should pay attention to little ones because they are our tomorrow.


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