How to complete TSC TPAD Online Registration |

By | March 20, 2019

How to complete online TSC TPAD Form |

Here is a step by step outline of the process to access and fill the appraisal form online:

1. Click on your preferred browser and open the official TSC website. Once you click or enter, you will be taken straight to the Teachers Service Commission Kenya.

2. Click on the tab named “Online Services” and you will see a drop down of multiple categories. Pick the “Teachers appraisal” one.

3. Click on login on your top right and then enter your login details and you will be able to access the TSC portal dashboard

tsc tpad

TSC Tpad

If you log in successfully, you will be taken to the dashboard. This dashboard displays numerous appraisal forms you had previously filled.

4. To fill a new form, you will need to click on “My institution” so you can be taken straight to the school’s page.

Here you will find a display of all the appraisal forms that have been previously filled for the teachers in your school if filled before.

Nevertheless, if no forms have been filled for your institution, the page will be empty.

5. To fill in the appraisal form for a particular teacher in your institution, go to the almost top right and enter that teacher’s TSC number, then click search.

The search will not take long, and it’ll display the name of the specific teacher including all the appraisal forms you have filled in for them. If you haven’t filled any form for that teacher, you just need to click “Create new.”

6. Once the name of the teacher appears, after entering their TSC number, click on the “create new tab.”

7. At this point, you will be required to enter the appraiser’s TSC number, year, term, appraisers title, and counter signing’s TSC number. Then, tick on the blank left where it asks if it is signed by a Head Teacher.

8. Click “Create.”

The new TPAD TSC school appraisal form will appear.

9. On the form, you will find a button that reads actions on the extreme right. Click on it, and you will access the drop down of options (sections) such as lesson attendance, teaching standards mass, teaching standards, professional development, learners’ progress, and appraisal remarks.

All the parts need to be filled. To make the process easier, consider opening a new tab for each section. You can do this by placing the mouse over every option and right click to opt for the new tab option.

In all of these options, you will be required to feed lots of information. Ensure you are patient and take your time to do so efficiently.

10. After filling in all the information (more of it is about selection), be sure to click the save button you will find below the form field to save the data you have just keyed in.

Note that if you do not this, you will end up losing the date, your time and other resources. To make matters worse, you will be forced to redo your work.

11. In case you are using one tab to fill in all the information for one TSC teacher appraisal, after you have saved the data, click on “back to appraisal,” and you will be moved to another field.

12. Here you’ll access another section of the form; fill it in and continue doing this as you save until you are through.

13. For every teacher, you are required to enter the class and subject you teach, including a combined score for the term for that specific class and subject.

14. Repeat the same if that teacher teaches several subjects in various classes.

15. You will also need to fill the number of lessons the teacher was supposed to teach throughout the term and the total number of the lessons the teacher actually taught for the term.

16. Complete with your remarks as the school’s Head Teacher.

17. Once you reach the professional development section, you will need to click “create new” and then begin to fill in the remarks.

Make sure you use the same procedure you used earlier – fill in the data and then save it to avoid repeating the process due to data loss.

When you finish all the section, and you save the information for each teacher, your work will be done. Now you can begin filling another appraisal form for the next teacher.

It is important to note that you will not find a button that is indicated “Submit.” As you continue to save the data as you fill in the form, the information will be received by the TSC system automatically.

It is therefore essential that you save data in each field you fill as you go along. Good luck!

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